Launching A Blog? Do It With A Bang!

Blog are everywhere you look, but this has not stopped many people from launching new blogs every single day. And if you are planning on launching your own blog, you should do so in a manner that would make a statement. The last thing that you want is for your blog launch to be just […]

Top Tips To Network In Your Niche

So you’re convinced that networking is an essential part of your niche blog campaign. This is not the first step in your effort to launch your niche blog (at least in my mind – you have to pay attention to the content first) but it is definitely an important step. So how do you network? […]

Your Blog And Pop-ups

I think that pop-ups are one of the most intrusive and most irritating things that you can encounter when visiting a web site. I simply dislike it when I click on a link to visit a blog or a web site and even before I get to see what the site has to offer, I […]

Email Signatures And Blog Promotion

One way by which you can promote your blog is by creating a custom email signature which contains your blog’s URL. I have seen this done by a lot of people. More than placing their name at the end of the email, they add information that the people they correspond with may find useful. It […]

Which Social Network Do You Use?

I don’t know if you have heard of using social web sites for blogging purposes before. I sure have but I didn’t really pay much attention to them. I mean, I barely check my own accounts in various social web sites. It used to be that they were not that many but now, you have […]

Linkbait: How Much and How Often?

We would all love to be such great bloggers that each and every post would be considered by other bloggers worhty enough to mention and link to. Realistically though it is impossible to come up with a post that hundreds or even just dozens will link back to each and every day. If you keep […]