How to make your Posts Stand Out

I have a tip to make your post stand out and that’s be different, go “against-the-flow”. Ok, let’s take a look at a real-life scenario, when I’m not driving my car, I usually take the train to go from point A to point B, I have an “against-the-flow” atittude, sometimes I would sit on the […]

Making Your Blog More Accessible: Offer Feeds

Have you ever experienced being so excited about a specific blog entry you’ve posted that you just can’t wait for people to start reading them? To be honest, I have. When I first started blogging several years back I was so excited I kept on “promoting” my personal blog to my friends. I’m pretty sure […]

Blog Rush

Unless you’ve been really out of touch in the blogging world then you have probably heard about BlogRush by now. BlogRush was launched only very recently (Sept 15th) but has been making headlines, and more importantly, has been getting a real rush of bloggers signing up and putting up their widget on their blogs. But […]

First Impression is a Good Thing

Remember the catchphrase, “First Impressions Last, What happens next is up to you.” well we can use it in everything that we do, even use it in our blogs, and use it to our advantage. First Impressions can either make you or break you so better start our blog with a good first impression. Use […]

Lazy Bloggers Get No Traffic

Blog syndication is not the easiest thing to do. If it was then I wouldn’t need to keep myself busy learning more each day about SEO and all the new things cropping up in the blogosphere. The weird thing about many bloggers though is that despite the fact that though we do want wider readership […]

Guest Posting / Guest Blogging

A simple and useful tactic to get new, fresh readers is to do a guest post on your friend, colleague, relative’s blog or even blogger that you know personally first because you have to prove your worth and build up your online reputation before you can guest post at other blog sites. This is a […]