Change your blog’s color scheme

Example of funky colors. Colors could definitely enhance one’s blog You can never get too creative when it comes to your blog. There are so many ways you could tweak it. If you like experimenting with colors, go ahead and try these sites. You could find so many color schemes that could suit your taste […]

Write your own stuff, don’t leech from another blog!

There was a time that I heard about people who plagiarize blogs. I find it weird since some of the blogs that have been plagiarized were talking about personal matters. Think of it this way. If you wrote something like: This is one of the most wonderful days of my life. I have a new […]

The importance of making static pages for your blog

If you are using WordPress, you can have static pages. What are static pages and what can you use them for? Static Pages These are pages that are more or less stay as they are. They are more often than not pages that contain the information that you would like your visitors to have access […]

Get a Hook For Your Blog

If you want to build traffic for your blog, you need to have some sort of hook, some sort of reason for people to keep coming back. In the warblogging world, that usually means you need to either be a “linker”, a “thinker”, or run a “theme” blog. “Linkers” are blogs like Instapundit, Daily Pundit, […]

Tips on Promoting Your Blog

All right, so your blog is up and running and you have content on it. Now how do you bring people in to look at your blog? Here are a few suggestions, mostly taken from, “The Guide To Promoting Your Web Page” Buying Advertising: The average person can’t afford to buy a massive advertising campaign, […]

Sharing interviews on your blog

Sometimes it is interesting to read about others. And it could be so much fun to write about them as well. Are you interested in specific people in the topic you write about on your blog? If yes, maybe it is time to take the chance to interview them and feature them on your blog. […]