Blog Marketing Ideas

There are so many ways you can promote your blog. Here are some of the easiest ways you can promote yours. 1. Email Signature – Put your blog URL in your email signature. Of course, the feasibility of this will depend on the nature of your blog and the people who you correspond with thru […]

A Quick Look at Some Successful Link Baits

Informative Hook Jennifer Laycock’s “Zero Cash, A Little Talent and 30 Days” Project Ok so it started with a forum post at SmallBusinessBrief and not a blog post. However the project gave rise to The Lactivist, which was proof that the project did work. The project became popular for several reasons: 1. The title is […]

Successful Link Baiting

Ok so we all know that you need a hook to be able to be successful at link baiting. However, I think it is still important that I expand a little on each hook, which I mentioned very briefly in my previous post. Informational hooks – Also usually referred to as resource hooks this will […]

The Fall of Article Directories

One way you can promote your blog is by submitting articles to article directories. However, this method might not do much good for your blog or website. A few years back submitting an article to ezinearticles or some other big article directory did wonders for ones page rank. However, anyone who’s been using this technique […]

Link Bait and Paid Listing: Ways to Get Lots of Traffic Fast

Link baiting is perhaps the fastest way to get tons of traffic…but only if you get it right. Of course, as usual it’s the getting it right that’s really difficult. According to Wikipedia there are 5 basic types of link bait namely informational hooks, new hooks, humor hooks, evil hooks, and tool hooks. While some […]

Google OKs Underscores as Word Separators in URLs and More SEO Tips

Still wondering if you should use dashes or underscores in your permalinks? Worry no more; Google considers both as legitimate word separators. This was announced by Google geek Matt Cutts at WordCamp 2007 yesterday among several other pearls of SEO wisdom he dished out to the WordPress crowd. Originally posted on July 24, 2007 @ […]